Friday, 4 December 2015

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

How to Get The Best Carpet Cleaner 
From the desk of: Matthew Dillon

I have come across this question many-a-times during my journey as a licensed and certified carpet cleaner “How to get the best carpet cleaner for my carpets?” First of all you need to know that there are two types of cleaners in the market – one who are professional and passionate about cleaning and others who are fake and just after your money. 

When you start your search for the best carpet cleaner, do not begin with the Price of the service. Among all other things that should be on your list while hiring a carpet cleaner, price is the last thing. 

Following are a few questions that must be clarified before you make your decision: 
  1. Find out if the company has full insurance. 
  2. Find out what kind of guarantee is provided for carpet cleaning. 
  3. Find out whether the company is a member of any association. 
  4. Ask them why you should hire them and not another cleaner.
  5. Find out what certification and license the cleaners have. 
Always remember to not get fooled by fancy answers and lame claims to these questions. On the contrary be very strict in getting answers to all these questions and that too in writing. 

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Important Secrets Revealed 
Not every carpet cleaner is worthy of your trust and I can conclude this after spending almost 6-8 months on researching numerous cleaners and the cleaning industry as a whole. By writing this article I plan to reveal the dirtiest tricks played by carpet cleaners to entice customers into their foul play and make money. 
The Truth about Fraud Carpet Cleaners 

1. They don’t have Certified and Licensed Cleaners. 
It has been found that fraud companies do not hire certified and licensed cleaners. Would you ever want to give your carpets to some amateur who does not know anything about cleaning? Be aware from these companies and ask for proofs. 

2. They Give a Cheap Quote and then Increase The Price. 
Fraud companies use a cheap quote as the main thing to attract customers however the actual price is something else. Once you hire them you will be surprised to know that you have to pay extra for every other thing. So it is always best to ask for an inclusive price so that you know what to pay beforehand. 

3. They Don’t Provide Written Guarantee. 
Verbal guarantee is the most you will receive from fake companies but don’t give into what they say. On the other hand, ask for written guarantee that makes your case strong. 
4. They Make Excuses and Use Many Lies! 

Unfortunately there are certain carpet cleaners who do not hesitate in lying about their services, techniques, cleaning solutions, experience, and everything else just to make money. But if you stay alert you can save your carpets from such pseudo cleaners. 

Keep all these things in mind and these tips will help you choose the most appropriate carpet cleaner for your beloved carpets! 

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